The San Francisco Shipyard
The San Francisco Shipyard
A New Story, 150 Years in the Making
San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos
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The San Francisco Shipyard Por Lennar

Localização: 11 Innes Court, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

Condomínio - United States - California

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The Shipyard is a San Francisco love story. It is the best of what happened, and a garden of opportunities for what is still to come. Located on the waterfront with expansive views of the bay and access to up-and-coming cultural hotspots, The San Francisco Shipyard was built with the same spirit of craftsmanship, artistry and progressive ideas the city of San Francisco is known for.

Come see the city's newest space for innovation, productivity, living, and creativity. The San Francisco Shipyard will offer the city nearly 6,000 new homes, up to 5 million square feet of work space and research & development, dining, urban retail, and over 265 acres of parks and open spaces.

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11 Innes Court, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA
The San Francisco Shipyard
11 Innes Court San Francisco California 94124
Phone: 415-975-4181 The San Francisco Shipyard Mapa
San Francisco Bay Area

Tucked in northern California on the tip of a peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, San Francisco is one of the most desired places to live in the United States. San Francisco County and the adjacent eight counties are known as the San Francisco Bay Area. As the cultural, financial and commercial center of Northern California, the Bay Area also offers a vast array of activities and recreation for residents and tourists alike, along with skyscrapers, scenic beauty and distinctive neighborhood settings.

The arts make up the fourth largest growth industry in the city, led by performing arts such as the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet Company. Founded in 1933, the San Francisco Ballet was the first professional ballet company in the U.S. There are more than 220 city parks plus many others in the surrounding areas. The city park system also features 25 large recreation centers and five public golf courses. In San Jose, the Santa Clara County Park System has a five-decade legacy that has resulted in one of the largest regional park systems in California, totaling 29 parks. In addition, San Francisco offers many locations that have been made famous by filmmakers, residents and tourists. Among them are Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge and the largest Chinatown outside of Mainland China.

As for business, in a ranking of large U.S. cities, the Bay Area often ranks as a leader in key business factors that corporate leaders use when considering growth and expansion. While the Bay Area is a recognized hub for the incubation and development of emerging markets, several other industries are prominent, including information technology and software, social and digital media, and life sciences and biotech.


The communities of Alma and Engel within The San Francisco Shipyard are short commute from downtown San Francisco. The communities are located west of the cities of Oakland and Alameda and convenient to Interstate 280. Innes Court Park and Overlook Point are nearby, offering a mix of outdoor spaces and art.

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The San Francisco Shipyard Anunciado por: LENNAR

The San Francisco Shipyard
San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos